Free Online Workouts and Training Guides

18 November 2014 Off By admin

Commit to a dynamic workout routine and not pay a dime – is it possible? Of course is it. And here is how to do it.

You don’t have to spend tons of money to get a good workout. A gym membership is no longer a necessity thanks blogs, websites, apps and Youtube. You can also go old school and rent workout DVDs from the library. I’ve done it and it is also a great way to keep yourself accountable — the due date creeping up usually makes me more inclined to do the DVD.

Utilizing the internet is a great way to try out something new, develop a new workout regimen and train. Below are my favorite tools for mixing up my workouts and sticking to a good plan.

Youtube Channels with great videos:

  • Tone It Up – Tone It Up trainers and best friends, Karena and Katrina have tons of great videos covering everything from total body workouts, cardio & HIIT, yoga and stretching, dynamic routines to workouts for your abs and booty ;-), these girls have got you COVERED.
  • Fitness Blender – I recently did a great 13 minute at home barre workout from Fitness Blender and loved it. They have over 350+ videos for you to choose from for your perfect at home workout.
  • Blogilates –  I have yet to try a blogilates video because I am not so much into Pilates, where I believe blogilates has its roots, but it certainly is worth a try. If you are a Pilates lover, this may just be the channel for you! She does POP Pilates and bootcamp sculpting workouts with videos for your arms, legs, abs, lower tummy, plus cardio, HIIT and a 4 minute total body workout — I’m already planning in my head which one I want to try tomorrow.

Training Guides:

  • Athleta Espirit de She Training Guide – for Running and Multi-Sport Events (PDF version here)
  • Runner’s World Guides – for everything you need from training to nutrition


  • Fitness Magazine – I always love reading Fitness magazine! I think it is one of the only fitness magazines out there that is worth reading. I love their articles and love their workouts. They don’t get obsessed with putting celebrities on the cover and their content is truly worth the few dollars it is to be the latest issue. Check out their online videos for the perfect guide to accompany the tear-outs in the magazine or for a totally free way to experience everything Fitness.

That’s it! Those are my favorite and most trust worthy resources the internet has to offer for totally free workouts and training guides. You can drastically change your workout routine and your body without spending a single cent on a gym, DVD, membership or anything else out there. If at home workouts are what will work best for you or you simply have to cut down on your spending, try out some of these videos and find what works best for you. Committing to a routine and incorporating some outdoor walking and running is a sure-fire way to form a reliable and effective workout regimen. Pair that with consistent clean eating, and you are golden my friend.