10 April 2014 Off By admin

Hi everyone! Racing season is just around the corner. It’s finally getting warm out which means we can all start training! Finally! I’ve been able to run outside here and there with the weather, but tomorrow will officially begin my training efforts.

My training will focus more on speed and increasing my milage. Without getting in my weekly runs, I can still go out for a well-timed 4 miles. Therefore, I need to get my routine back and work on advancing. I have a 10k coming up in June, and I want it to be my best 10k yet. For anyone else who wants to get back into their routine or improve their running, one way or another, one of these plans is sure to help! I’m a big fan of Runner’s World, so it is my #1 source for training plans. I typically adjust the training plans I find, so pretty soon I am going to be putting up my version of a 5k and 10k training plan.

In the meantime, I’m going to direct you to a few reliable plans I’ve found.

  1. Runner’s World 5k Training Plans: this is your one-stop-shop for 5k training. Plans include beginners (new runners), intermediate and advanced, as well as plans to break 30, 25 and 20 minutes. There are also tools available to runners running their first 5k.
  2. Runner’s World 10k Training Plans: with plans for new runners (beginners plan), more advanced runners (intermediate and advanced) and runners looking to challenge themselves with their first 10k, Runner’s World has you covered once again.
  3. Competitive 10k Training Program: for the experienced 10k runner, from Cool Running. What I really like about this program is that it lays out a week’s worth of runs of which you should be able to stick to for 4-5 weeks. If so, you can safely begin the competitive training program. This program is designed to help you run the 10k in under 34 minutes for men and under 38 minutes for women. Whoa. So you must be prepared and log in at least 50 miles a week to safely begin this program.

I hope one of these plans is what you are looking for or at least can give you some guidance and structure to building a solid running program. I’ll be checking back in on Friday and uploading my own training plans!